The View from the Away End

Just a few comments for the game tomorrow, but you get the idea of how they are feeling. I cant imagine that Huddersfield are going to spoil our party, and now that the rags have lost it’s going to be an even better day out.  I screwed up my ticket buying for this season, so I wont be there tomorrow, but I will be watching with a beer in hand. 


Referee: Mike Dean

Assistants: Simon Bennett, Simon Long

Fourth official: Paul Tierney

Team Selection












And the rest…

Please don’t be 10-1.

Aren’t we lucky? Kompany & Silva back, Aguero on bench? What time do the pubs open in Manchester on a Sunday…early, I hope?

I think I’d play Billing and Mooy. Rest Hogg for Chelsea. They have so fucked us with these bullshit fixtures.

I fear for us, to be honest.

It’s gonna be an arse nipping 8 days this

They might get 10 but we won’t get 1.

My only worry is can’t see us scoring !

As I’ve said in a different thread, i’d pack out the side with defenders if we’re going to go for a deep press. Rest certain players for the chelski and arsenal games.

It’ll make a huge difference to me if we lose by 10, or 8 for that matter. I wouldn’t rest anyone.

Just play 5-4-1 .swamp the box with defenders and let Citeh have the ball all game..and try and pick their way through it. There won’t be much running about then if we’re not venturing beyond 15 yards form the penalty box…it won’t be pretty, and we’ll still lose…but there is absolutely no point whatsoever in trying to take them on in any sense. It’ll be a slog for Mounie’ or Depoitre but they could do with a bit of running around and can share the experience, a half each perhaps ?

5-3-2 same as against Liverpool and hope they only put 3 past us.

Watching City playing at 30% capacity yesterday and still dispatching West Ham with the minimum of fuss left me in a cold sweat thinking about what might happen on Sunday…Rest players, pick the full strength team, park the bus, go gung ho… I don’t think it’ll matter one bit. If they are in the mood or, judging by yesterday’s win, only half up for it they will still smash us whatever we do.

What’s the point in resting players? Don’t you think we lost enough points through shit tactics of damage limitation away from home already. We need to just go for it. If we get hammered so what. Enough of this negative crap away from home. We’re gonna getting hammered whether we sit back or not so just have a go and actually the paying away fans something to see instead of this boring crap we’ve played at most places. When Rome burns and all that

Theyve had enough rest,they did fuck all on saturday

are we saying that some of these players are so £^()!^* soft they can’t handle playing in a handful of games. In’t olden days most guys would give their right knacker to play against the likes of Chelsea, Man City and Arsenal and they’d play like they meant it.

Come out the traps kicking everything that moves and hope their world class players start to worry a little about injuries. I don’t think we can rest players at this stage, they need to perfect the defensive formation they’re going to need to deploy against all three opponents. We almost took a point off them at home, you never know, if it’s still nil nil at HT I’ll be delighted. Don’t know why I’m putting myself through it to be honest, its going to be painful watching.

In my opinion we’re fucked. It’ll be us Stoke and West Brom. Hope I’m wrong but can’t see anything changing in the last 3 games if it hasn’t already I’m afraid. Wagner looks devoid of ideas and is clearly struggling at this level 

Mike Dean is a great referee and a top bloke.

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