City play away 5 games after Champions League

City will have to play away from home after the midweek Champions League fixtures for 5 out of the 6 matches schedule.


Arsenal v City (13/09)
Chelsea v Swansea (13/09)
Liverpool v Villa (13/09)
Group stage, matchday one (16-17/09/14)
City v Chelsea (20/09)
West Ham v Liverpool (20/09)
Aston villa v Arsenal (20/09)

Hull v City (27/09)
Liverpool v Everton (27/09)
Arsenal v Tottenham (27/09)
Chelsea v Aston Villa (27/09)
Group stage, matchday two (30/09-01/10/14)
Aston Villa v City (04/10)
Liverpool v West Brom (04/10)
Chelsea v Arsenal 04/10)

City v Spurs (18/10)
Arsenal v Hull (18/10)
Crystal Palace v Chelsea (18/10)
QPR v Liverpool (18/10)
Group stage, matchday three (21-22/10/14)
Liverpool v Hull (25/10)
Man Utd v Chelsea (25/10)
Sunderland v Arsenal (25/10)
West Ham v City (25/10)

City v Man Utd (01/11)
Arsenal v Burnley (01/11)
Chelsea v QPR (01/11)
Newcastle v Liverpool (01/11)
Group stage, matchday four (04-05/11/14)
QPR v City (08/11)
Liverpool v Chelsea (08/11)
Swansea v Arsenal

City v Swansea (22/11)
Arsenal v Man Utd (22/11)
Crystal Palace v Liverpool (22/11)
Chelsea v West Brom (22/11)
Group stage, matchday five (25-26/11/14)
Liverpool v Stoke (29/11)
Southampton v City (29/11)
Sunderland v Chelsea (29/11)
West Brom v Arsenal (29/11)

City v Everton (06/12)
Liverpool v Sunderland (06/12)
Stoke v Arsenal (06/12)
Newcastle v Chelsea (06/12)
Group stage, matchday six (09-10/12/14)
Leicester v City (13/12)
Chelsea v Hull (13/12)
Man Utd v Liverpool (13/12)
Arsenal v Newcastle (13/12)

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